Congressman Larsen Joins Applied Technical Services & Boeing to Rally in Support of the Export-Import Bank

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applied-technical-servicesWednesday, June 24, 2015
Everett, Washington

Last Friday more than 100 aerospace leaders from around the country rallied at Applied Technical Services (ATS) in Mukilteo, Washington to promote the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank. Rep. Rick Larsen (D-WA), Bill McSherry, Vice President of State & Local Government and Global Corporate Citizenship for The Boeing Company, and George Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer of ATS, gave the keynote addresses. The message was clear – in order to maintain a thriving American high-tech manufacturing sector, Congress must reauthorize a vital tool that levels the international playing field; the Export-Import Bank.

ATS is an essential link in Boeing’s supply chain. ATS recently captured the top honors at the IPC APEX Expo, being awarded Circuits Assembly’s Service Excellence Awards 2015 for “Highest Overall Customer Service” for electronics manufacturing services companies in their size category. ATS recently celebrated its 30th anniversary of providing high-tech jobs in the region. More than 350 highly-skilled employees design and manufacture life-critical components for world-class manufacturers. However, ATS and other small and medium sized American manufacturers are facing potential head winds from Congress, and these companies will only be able to continue to thrive if the federal government provides a favorable economic environment for the thousands of American exporters and their suppliers.

The Export-Import Bank services are available to help any American business selling goods abroad. In fact, nearly 90% of Ex-Im’s transactions are with small and medium-sized companies.

The Ex-Im Bank is particularly critical for the remaining state-of-the-art industries where America is still the world leader, like the aerospace industry. According to the Aerospace Industries Association, over the past ten years the industry has become increasingly export focused, with 76 percent of total shipments in 2014 aimed at international markets, an increase of ten percent since 2010. In 2014 alone, the Ex-Im Bank financed $243 million to support the export of aircraft spare engines and maintenance, repair, and overhaul components and services.

The ATS rally was held in conjunction with the Aerospace Industries Association to forge a new consensus to highlight to the public and our elected leaders the importance of the aerospace and defense industry to our economy and national security. ATS is committed to supporting the Aerospace Industries Association and Boeing to keep the American aerospace and defense industry second to none.

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